How to compress a video

Method 1: Online

Step 1: Navigate to PS2PDF mp4 compressor

Open your browser and navigate to PS2PDF mp4 compressor

Step 2: Select MP4 video files

You may upload multiple videos of any size. If you are uploading files larger than 200 MB, it is better to use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your files.

Step 3: Change compression options (optional)

You can play with Contant Rate Factor (CRF) to reduce file size. General rule is higher the CRF value lower the file size and quality of the video. We recommend you setting CRF to a number between 25 – 35, which generally reduces file size and has good quality.

Step 4: Start video compress process

Once you are happy with the options you selected, press Compress Now! button to start the process.

Step 5: Download compressed files

Once the compression is finished, press download button to download compressed video file.