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Free online M4V compressor tool to reduce M4V file size. Change resolution, quality or set a preferred output file size to make M4V files smaller. No watermark added to the output files.

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How to compress M4V videos online?

Click and select or Drag and drop your .m4v files to dark blue box. Once you add all of your M4V videos , simply press Compress. This will compress all of your M4V files. Just wait until we process your files to download them as a ZIP file or individual images.

Perfectly compress M4V

We don't compromise quality for anything. Our advance video converter detect the best quality for your output files. This feature enable us to keep the best quality while reducing M4V file size.

Effortless convert

Makes your life little simpler. We do our best to separate all details need to compress M4V video files so that you can just convert files with a press of a button

More About .m4v Files

The M4V file format was developed by Apple. It is very similar to the MP4 file type, with the main difference being that M4V may contain Apple's DRM protection, Fairplay. Video content downloaded from the iTunes store is likely to be in M4V format. If M4V file does have DRM enabled then the iTunes account used to procure the file will need to be authenticated on the computer playing the file.
The M4V format was developed by Apple and it is much more similar to the MP4 format with a slight difference in DRM protection. If M4V format has DRM protection than the iTunes account used to process the file will have to be authenticated on the computer playing the file.
The M4V file is a container that allows audio and video. In certain circumstances where Apple's DRM has not be applied to the file, it is possible to play the file from a different unauthenticated computer by amending the file extension from .m4v to .mp4. Additionally m4v provides the functionality to create chapter information which is not possible with MP4.
The M4V supported files have both the audio as well as the video data, the file extension M4V can be converted into the MP4 file extension in order for it to play on an unauthenticated computer because the M4V files are protected by Apples DRM. MP4 files do not provide with the functionality to create chapter information while M4V file does that.
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